JSTJR Interview: “Creatures” EP, Vlogging, Charity + More

As he continues to commemorate the launch of his new imprint Group Chat Recordings, JSTJR gears up for the release of his “Creatures” EP. The collection of songs simply showcase the various flavors and styles that come with JSTJR’s mantra for music.

Pleading for a better world, his efforts never go unnoticed. Alongside the release, JSTJR has poured so much into what he believes and loves to do. Recently planning a meet & greet with fans to clean up a local hiking trip, his attention is now geared towards a holiday charity event. The entry is free with a  food donation. With everything seemingly coming to fruition for the producer, we’ve caught up with him to chat all things music, life, food, and more!

What did you want this EP to represent? 

This EP was about exploring different sounds that my audience wouldn’t expect from me. I approached the music without any expectation and just let the songs “happen.” The result was 4 totally different genres, but they all still sound like “JSTJR tracks.”

What can fans expect of your music going forward? 

My fans should expect more exploration! I don’t consider myself an artist that does one thing. However, my unique sound always comes across- no matter what genre I approach. So even though it’s something different, it’s still familiar.”

What are some goals/initiatives you plan on taking with the launch of Group Chat Recordings?

“My goal is to create a world for artists like me! Right now it feels like most labels (and DJs) focus on one specific genre. When I first started producing, labels were more inclusive and it felt like you could expect more unique sounds. It was exciting when your favorite label dropped something because you didn’t know what to expect- you just knew it’d be dope and usually something new and special.” 

Is that what we can expect with your label?

“Yes. I sense that these day’s, labels are trying so hard to fit music into perfect little boxes. They are trying to get their songs placed on specific Spotify playlists or trying to find the next “EDM banger.” I really want to switch that up. Dance music feels very stale to me. There are tons of producers making unique stuff but they just let it sit on their computer because they have nowhere to release it or they don’t think kids are going to headbang to it at a festival. That’s where Group Chat comes in. I want to put THAT music out. The cool, unique, hype dance and club music. It’s hard to say what exactly we’re looking for- but if you could hear it in my DJ sets, it probably belongs on Group Chat!

You’ve partnered with Insomniac to throw a Charity event where you’ll be serving beats and tacos. What was your inspiration?

“I’ve been doing the taco pop-ups for 2 years now. It’s a combination of my love for cooking and community. My fans are so important to me. I love bringing them all together and having it be like a family cookout. I also LOVE cooking and feeding people. So I started these taco pop-ups in a small pop up shop with maybe 40-60 guests. It’s definitely grown since then- last June I personally served 700 tacos before my sold-out LA headline. This one will be even bigger. Since it’s the holidays, it felt like the perfect time to do something good for our local LA community. So we made it a free event- just asking fans to bring canned food donations.”

First a taco cooking contest, you cleaned a local hiking trail with your fans, now the charity event; What other ideas do you have up your sleeve?

“I always have 100 ideas going in my head. I just love bringing my community together. I’ve been blessed with a platform and with people who support my music and give me a CAREER in music.

The least I could do with that is 1) give back to them and 2) ask them to help me give back to our local community.” 

What’s your ultimate goal in mind when you plan these types of occasions? 

The number one goal is bringing my community together and letting them know I’m not this unreachable celebrity that only cares about their money. I want them to see that I’m just like them. I’m a human, I’m normal. I hope that it can inspire them to be whatever they want- but also want them to know I respect and appreciate them.” 

You’ve begun vlogging recently, what’s been the surprisingly best part since you started?

“It’s been awesome how quickly the audience for the vlogs has grown. I find that it really helps grab the attention of people outside of my fan base. I see comments on YouTube from people saying “I never heard your music before but after watching this vlog, I’m a huge fan!” 

Any ideas for future content or is that a secret? 

I have SO MANY ideas for future content. I think 2020 will be full of new content. My favorite upcoming idea is cooking the perfect pizza with my DJ homies. Subscribe to my YouTube because 2020 will be amazing!

Could you send a message to your fans out there?  

Thank you for being on this crazy journey with me! Hope to see you out there at a festival, club show or pop up next year. Get ready for way more meet-ups and music!!”