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Ed Banger’s Next Sensation Myd: Exclusive Interview and Debut Album

The Busy P led Ed Banger records has been the ultimate purveyor of French house for some time now. You have classics from Justice, Mr. Ozio, Sebastian, Cassius, and Breakbot that have all made significant marks on electronic music, as well as, the broader musical landscape. Not long ago, a rising French act by the name of Myd joined the Ed Banger ranks and quickly established himself as one of the most exciting names from La République. He debuted with “The Sun” transporting listeners on a wave across the sun-crisped beaches of the French Riviera and with it, brought a gooey, warm vibe that can brighten the sourest of moods. Fortunately for us, he built upon his debut and continued his shimmering brilliance that has led to his debut album, Born A Loser. The 14-track album is one of the best to hit the airwaves in 2021 and establishes the Myd legacy amongst the Ed Banger greats.

With the release of Born A Loser, we sat down with the man himself to discuss everything from joining Ed Banager to his wild story meeting Mac DeMarco, and — of course — the album. Without further adieu, here is our interview with Myd.

How have you handled the pandemic? What have you done to pass the time or stay sane?

I was in L.A. when the pandemic went crazy. I was about to start my North American tour which was obviously cancelled. I couldn’t imagine coming back to France without a project, so I started my morning show named CoMyd-19. This show helped me to stay positive, to continue to dig new songs, to DJ and of course to stay close to my community: they are my main source of energy.

What’s it like to work with the Ed Banger team and join their legendary crew of artists?

I joined Ed Banger because I wanted to sign on a label which is a real family. I wasn’t disappointed, Pedro is definitely the father of a strong brotherhood. Not only do we help and advise each other musically, we love to spend time together outside of the studio.
Apart from that, I know that the 18 year old Myd would be really impressed to see the old Myd signed on one of his favourite record labels.

Considering Busy P’s history and work with the likes of Justice, Daft Punk, Mr. Ozio, Breakbot, etc., what sort of advice has he given you? What was the best piece of advice?

The best piece of advice I got from Pedro was to stay myself. It sounds really cheesy but I often tried in the past to be a better me, to look different, to have a facade, a mask. Pedro liked me and signed me for the artist I am but also for the human being so he always encouraged me to always keep from my true personality, and it worked: I’m so happy and self-assured.

You always seem to be wearing a white hat. What’s the reason behind that and where did this begin?

Ah ah ah!!! Alice Moitié, the director and photographer I often work with told me when we met that I look like a belgian comic book character. This hat, plain, without a brand, fits well with this look.
Also, without a hat, my hair looks like Linus Van Pelt’s in Peanuts ah ah!

What have been the biggest influences on your career that have helped shape your sound and the entire 360 artistry?

Fatboy Slim for the art of making pop songs out of samples.
Elliott Smith for the emotion he managed to put in a few chords.
Michael Haneke for the art of hiding humour anywhere.

You just released your debut album, Born A Loser. Walk us through the creation process. How long did it take to write/create? What are the ideas and themes that you set out to explore? Where did you record it? etc.

I started this album 2 years ago. I felt that EP formats weren’t enough to say what I had in mind at this time. So I built my dream studio in the middle of my living room. My studio is about guitars, amps, vintage synths and tape recorders. Before I started to play any notes I wanted this studio to sound exactly how I wanted.
When I started recording I was also touring a lot as a DJ. I wrote the first songs (Together We Stand, We Are The Light…) talking about the pros and the cons of being a community. You can interpret the songs as club anthem or sect prayers: you choose.
Then of course, I’m French, so there’s love songs (breakup songs)

What is the reason behind the name “Born A Loser”?

It’s a wink to the 14 years old Myd. I was a geek, computer nerd, fan of electronic music when all the cool kids were skating and listening to punk rock. For years I thought that I had to hide my “loser” side. But now I know that this part of me made me a good artist and inspired this debut album.

Throughout the album, you utilize what sounds like organic guitars and drums. How do you accomplish balancing the electronic with the organic? Are the guitars/drums created via synth or keyboards or did you have other musicians come in and record their instrumentation?

The magnetic tape helps me a lot to create the sauce between all elements. I need this sauce because I love to use different types of media together. For example I recorded birds with my Iphone “We Found It” but I also used vintage Roland guitar amps to record my vocals through. I love to mix media to create my very own virtual room.
I’m not a good instrumentalist, but I’m a good viber. So when it goes to record a perfectly on-time guitar arpeggio I call my friends to back me up on that!

One of my favorite artist stories is the events that led to you meeting Mac DeMarco. In your words, what happened that day? Would you ever drive in LA again?

Justice told me they wanted to offer Mac the mirrored Toyota (they are friends).
Mac’s canadian driving licence expired so he couldn’t get the car.
So, to thank Mac for welcoming me in his studio, I arrived driving this iconic car! What a surprise!
You just have to know that the car was ok to drive in the video but not in the streets. So no mirrors, no licence plates.
I would drive again in LA but I’d probably choose a Toyota Prius, it’s more my LA vibe.

What was it like to work with Mac? Will there possibly be more collabs between you two?

We are both gear geeks. So it’s a pleasure to work in a studio that convenient. Also Mac is really open minded and creative. We knew this song would be for my album and he was ok to follow my point of view. I’d love to collaborate again with him because it was really fluid and easy between the two of us!

For “Moving Men”, “Let You Speak”, and pretty much all your music videos, they have a humorous quality to them. They remind me of Wes Anderson films. What sparked or inspired the idea to balance your music with visuals that are jovial, fun, and humorous? 

My life is about music and having fun. It would be strange to hide 50% of my personality. That’s really natural to me to have humor in everything related to me.

On “Now That We Found Love”, you sample the song of the same name from Heavy D & the Boyz. Did you always want to sample that song? What other classic dance tracks do you eventually want to sample?

I sampled the song which inspired Heavy D, the song with the same name by “The O’Jay’s”. As a child of the first French Touch wave, I always dig soul records in my samples!

If you could choose one place where each of your fans to listen the album, where would it be and why?

It’s not where it’s “with who”! Listen to it with some people you love. It will create way stronger memories than being by yourself!

With COVID restrictions winding down in many parts of the globe, what plans do you have for live and touring?

I’m planning to tour live (Myd Live Band with my musicians, synthesizers and guitars) and DJ by myself. I’ve already planned some European gigs but also in South America and Canada

Anything else you’d like to share?

I’m so happy to see people overseas listening to my music. I’m missing my American fans <3 Love 

To stream Born a Loser, scroll down or follow the link here.