New Dance Sounds: Habstrakt, ARTY, Au5, Arno Cost & Norman Doray + More

The 23rd Friday of 2020 is once again, not a great one. With the world and American in particular in rightful protest; releases this week are a bit slim. Many acts have decided to cancel or postpone releases for a better time. Although there may be less releases this week, there is still quality here. Listen through below to explored this weeks best new dance music.

Habstrakt & Marten Hørger – Ya Think [Monstercat]

Habstrakt returns to Monstercat, teaming up with Marten Hørger for the electric production that is ‘Ya Think’. This track has no shortage of bass and with the catchy simplicity in the melody, you can’t help but dance along to this bumping track. 

Arno Cost & Norman Doray – One Night [STMPD]

Arno Cost and Norman Doray unite once more, this time on STMPD with ‘One Night’. Their piano house collaborations have been a treat throughout this year and we now have the next one.

Au5 feat. Danyka Nadeau – Interstellar [NCS]

Au5 returns to NCS and brings Danyka Nadeau along. ‘Interstellar’ is an incredible release once again from the artists. The track is hard to genrify, even Au5 doesn’t know. But we do know this melodic dubstep-ish sound is awesome!

John Dahlbäck – The Feeling

John Dahlbäck brings us another independent release inthe form of ‘The Feeling’, the BROHUG member puts his signature bouncy house touch on this record – further showcasing his unappreciated quality!

Tough Love feat. Tia Lowe – Ride or Die [Get Together]

Tough Love team up with Tia Lowe for ‘Ride Or Die’, a catchy house record that is sure to do well among their fans as well as reaching out to those in the commercial space.

ARTY & NK – Who Am I [Armada]

ARTY begins the 2nd volume of his From Russia With Love series with a new NK collab. Like previous releases, ‘Who Am I’ brings a gritty and dark sound, something different from ARTY’s melodic trance and dance productions.

Stadiumx – Losing My Mind [Sub Religion]

Stadiumx’s third outing on their new label sees them delve into the progressive-groove sound. Together with catchy vocals, this is one again another solid production from the Hungarian duo.

Five Corners – Doing It Your Way [Teamwrk]

The debut release from Five Corners lands on Teamwrk! ‘Doing It Your Way’ blends perfectly with the track’s chorus, inviting to singalong to powerful vocals, while proclaiming a universal longing to connect and share emotions through a tropical house beat.

Listen to more New Dance Sounds below!




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