Nic Fanciulli Interview: Touring Rules, Australia, Most Iconic Set + More

We’re glad to be joined by Nic Fanciulli for an interview. The Grammy nominated DJ and producer has developed a incredible career spanning two decades and has been an important figure in the generation of DJs that carved Ibiza’s status within dance music.

We delve behind the scenes and learn more about his creative process both artist wise and label owner wise, as well as exploring his upcoming shows at Festival X (tickets) in Australia and more!

Hey Nic, thanks for taking the time to talk with us. Where abouts are you calling from right now?

Calling from Notting Hill in London.

As the end of 2019 is nearing, what track have you have been playing the most this year?

Track I’ve played the most is Armando vs Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance (Amine Edge and Dance Remix)

You recently celebrated 15 years of your label Saved, over the years what artist would you say you are most proud of signing?

There’s quite a few. I’d probably say Gary Beck definitely one of them. &ME, one of the earliest guys on the label that’s doing unbelievably well, and Andrea Oliva.

When you are looking for records to sign for Saved, what are your tests for knowing when something is a fit and seems right?

The basis of Saved is really that if I play it,I’ll sign it. I always wanted it to be a reflection of the dancefloor, which is why we can morph and keep up with the times quite well, and manage to release a host of different artists.  I think it always has to have a really solid groove as well, you know; some sort of funk element.  You can kind of feel it when you’re listening, I hate records that are really linear; fundamentally the groove is what makes Saved- Saved.

You are heading out to Australia in a few weeks for Festival X, have you got any favourite spots in the country? Whether that be restaurants, streets, bars or clubs. 

I can’t remember the last time I was there! (laughs) The only thing I love when going to Australia is especially you know, catching up with a lot of my old friends when I was younger because a lot of them have moved over to Sydney and Melbourne and it’s a good chance to sort of catch up with them. I spend most of my time in Sydney and staying in the Harbour then going over to Manly and spending time on the beach and stuff like that.

You and Carl Cox have been friends for a long time, he’s also had a base in Melbourne, Australia for many years. If you were to have a second home anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

Wow well, I would say Ibiza has definitely become my second home.

Having traveled the globe many times over and played some of the most iconic parties, aside from your DANCE or DIE, what event current or past would be your all-time favourite?

I think closing Space Ibiza with Carl Cox back-to-back for  sure. I don’t think it can get any more emotional  or magical than that.  I think the closing of that club was our generations Studio 54  closing.  I was going to Space when I was 16/17 years old, and used to watch Carl play from the dancefloor so, you know, to be asked to play b2b with him to close it out was crazy for me.  We were meant to play from 6-10am b2b then he was meant to close the club on his own; it got to 10am, and I turned to him and said “good luck mate”, and this is really testament to the kind of guy Carl is and the friendship that we have, he turned around and said to me “no we’re going to close this club down together”.  I’ll never forget that moment. 

You’ve also had the opportunity to play some incredible and unique locations, what would be your most memorable set location?

The most unique experience I’ve ever had was quite a few years ago; I was playing in Bosnia, and it was right after the war.  I flew in with the UN and the army on one of those military planes, stayed in the barracks at a basecamp, and performed at an old air raid shelter.  The government wanted to bring all sorts of different religions, cultures and communities back together after the war, and it was incredible to be part of something like that.

Sustaining a career in music for as long as you have is no easy feat. What are your golden rules to live by that you think every artist should embrace?

I’ve always said it’s a marathon, not a sprint.  I feel really blessed that I’ve been able to sustain 20 years of touring you know, ive always been committed  to it, and always been inspired by people and trends but have never followed them.  I hate to say it because it makes me sound old, but I was always inspired by the guys that made their own path and followed their own dreams.  The minute you start jumping around with genres and trends -which I’ve seen a million times – you end up disappearing because people can see through the authenticity.  It’s kind of a catch 22 because you may not always be the most popular DJ in that period if  a certain style or genre is hotter, but just stick to your guns.  The great thing about dance music is that genres are  always reviving themselves, and everything has a  way of coming back around again.

Lastly before we go. In the spirit of uncovering new talent, what emerging artist(s) do you think we should be paying attention to?

One in particular for me, a guy called Black Circle, he’s from Switzerland, he’s been producing for years for other people but now he’s just decided to do his own stuff and everything he’s making at the moment is pretty special and just a genuinely nice bloke and down to earth and grounded and I think you know, I think he’ll have a really good career making some amazing music.

Gain an understanding of what you’ll experience at Festival X with Nic’s latest releases as well as a live set from Ibiza a few months ago!


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