RICCI & ZALE Unite on Latest Actuation Release ‘Silence’

ZALE launches his career with a collaboration with RICCI. ‘Silence’ lands on the Actuation, a label that both artists are close with.

ZALE is a brand new artist project launched and created by Actuation and there isn’t a better track to debut with! ‘Silence’ brings a hard hitting record that showcases elements of guitar throughout the production. Together with the strong vocals, this is not only a hit for RICCI but Actuation also.

ZALE comes from a mysterious city deep in the sea. The city has recently become very deserted and hardly anyone lives there anymore. The only people who live there can be counted on one hand. ZALE is a treasure hunter himself, he finds the most beautiful things with a fantastic story and a unique appearance. It means a lot to the city. ZALE is very connected to the last people who live there.







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