Ekko & Sidetrack’s ‘Wildfire’ Remix: A New High for Drum and Bass

Australian duo Ekko & Sidetrack, comprising Jeff and Jonathan Hansen, have made a significant impact on the drum and bass scene, transitioning from Perth’s local talent to international acclaim. With a discography that has secured millions of streams and a solid base of over 250,000 monthly listeners, their ascent is undeniable. Their debut album “Nostalgic for Reality,” released via Viper Recordings in 2023, solidified their status in the electronic music sphere. Their ability to infuse drum and bass rhythms with deep, evocative vocals and distinctive instrumental flair has earned them spots on stages alongside giants like Sub Focus and Pendulum, while garnering support from industry stalwarts including Dimension and Friction.

Their tracks, notably “Paper Birds” featuring Ruth Royall and a celebrated remix of What So Not’s “The Change,” showcase their skill in merging soul-stirring melodies with robust basslines. This talent has also led to their music being featured in the Counterstrike video game, a nod to their growing influence.

The single “Wildfire,” originally by SACHI and known for its dynamic live reception, was recently elevated by Ekko & Sidetrack. They enhanced the track’s compelling chorus with a sophisticated drum and bass backdrop, injecting new life into the song and ensuring an even greater level of listener engagement. As they prepare for a European summer festival tour and a forthcoming US tour, Ekko & Sidetrack’s journey is a narrative of continuous growth and artistic innovation, marking them as a force to be reckoned with in the evolving drum and bass landscape.




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