Seven Lions, Wooli, Excision & Dylan Matthew Come Together For ‘Another Me’

In the creative art of songwriting, collaboration between artists forces many to step out of their comfort zones and experiment in other styles. It’s an opportunity to learn new skills while augmenting the creative process. That’s a big reason why two-way collaborations are common in EDM. Three-way collaborations? Occasionally, yes. Four-way collaborations? Rare.

But they’re something that Seven Lions apparently loves to do. Today marks the release of Seven Lions’ newest tune – a collaboration with Wooli, Excision and Dylan Matthew – which comes right after his previous release with MitiS (‘Break The Silence’) last week. This is third four-way collaboration in the past year, following ‘First Time‘ (also featuring Dylan Matthew) and ‘Island‘ (also with Wooli). Debuted at his Electric Forest set a few weeks ago, fans have been impatient for the full release of ‘Another Me’ on Seven Lions’ home label, Ophelia Records.

In a similar vein to his previous Wooli-collaboration, ‘Another Me’ blends melodic dubstep with riddim over three exhilarating drops. Dylan Matthew’s clean, charming vocals fill the song beautifully amidst a dense, eerie atmosphere of pads.

The melodic dubstep drop features the heavy kicks and snares characteristic of riddim, with a punctuated rhythm filled by furious growls and resonating toms. The riddim drop is some of the heaviest stuff you will come across this year – as the trio of producers trust a single lead to satisfy any basshead’s desires.

The cover art reflects the eerie vibes in the song too, mirroring that of ‘The Blood‘ (with Kill The Noise) with the blood red aesthetic. It’s safe to say that this is one of Seven Lions’ most eagerly-awaited (and heaviest) releases in his discography. Enjoy and stream it below!




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