Top 10 With Maggie Lindemann: Breakup Songs

Pop Music’s favorite heartthrob, Maggie Lindemann shares with us her top 10 breakup song list. The American singer/songwriter is has been an exemplar to fans struggling with infatuations, anxieties, and self-doubt. Maggie’s influence on the public has become reoccurring, due to her willingness to be vulnerable publicly through her songwriting and music. The rising star is consistently honest and practical on and off the stage, underlining her success in becoming one of pop’s most subversive forces.

The 22- year-old pop-prodigy has recently released her new single ‘Loner’ available on all platforms. The track takes listeners through a voyage relative to replacing coping with substance abuse, her familiarity with avoidance and her experience of becoming accustomed to loneliness.

1. Banks – To The Hilt

“This song has so much emotion and never fails to make me cry when I’m sad. It’s my go to sad song.”- Maggie Lindemann

2. Jhené Aiko – Comfort Inn Ending

“THIS SONG. UGHHHHH. I have felt this song to my absolute core. Scream the lyrics type of song.”- Maggie Lindemann

3. Cinematic Orchestra – To Build A Home

 “This song is so gut wrenching. This song has seen me at literal rock bottom, my worst moments. It hits hard.” – Maggie Lindemann

4. Keaton Henson – You

“Oof…. it just hurts.”- Maggie Lindemann

5. Drake – Shot For You

“I like this one cause it’s like after the part where you sob uncontrollably and now you’re on the superiority bad bitch side of grieving.”- Maggie Lindemann

6. Lord Huron – The Night We Met

“Another one that’s just ouch.”- Maggie Lindemann

7. Evanescence – My Immortal

“I don’t know I just like this one. It’s pretty and sad.”- Maggie Lindemann

8. Billie Eilish – i love you

“I cried to this song on the airplane back from Manchester one time. Pain.”- Maggie Lindemann 

9. Gracie Abrams – Mean It

 “I relate to this song so much. Getting into fights and them saying something and you’re like..holy shit… this is it. Ugh.”- Maggie Lindemann

10. Sia – Breathe Me

“I don’t know if this is really a breakup song but this song tears me up and spits me out. If you were a teen in 2014 then you get it.” – Maggie Lindemann

Stream/Download Maggie’s newest single ‘Loner’ or listen below.

Listen to all of Maggie’s picks below

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