Where It Started: Ferry Corsten

For well over 20 years, Ferry Corsten has been at the forefront of trance music, pioneering it with his many aliases. Recenrly the talented artist concluded his Corsten’s Countdown show after a massive 700 weekly shows, he has now kick started a new show Resonation.

Ferry Corsten has always been at the top of the trance game, whilst evolving through many artist projects. mostly recently, Ferry’s Unity sees him collaborate with other trance acts outside of his style to “bridge the gap between tempos, rhythms and artistic points of view”. Most recently Ferry teamed up with over 20 artists from all over the world on ‘Free’, a unique trance record with all different melodies and elements coming from different artists.

Today Ferry joins us on our Where It Started feature, showcasing the music that he grew up with and ultimately inspired him to be where he is today.

808 State – Cübik

The lead sound of this track was so in your face and inspired me to create electronic music myself.

Al-Naafyish – Time

This is one of the tracks that opened my eyes to a world other than just Top 40 music, and later on became the inspiration for ‘Punk’.

Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force – Planet Rock

This is also one of those records that I was really hooked on back in the days, when I was really a fan of that electro/funk genre. 

Jon Hopkins – Feel First Life

This track was part of the inspiration I had when creating my own first ambient album under my FERR alias.

Nils Frahm – #2

He’s built this track using different counter-rhythms, and it’s something I’ve taken a lot from in my own productions across the board.

Olafur Arnalds feat. JFDR – Back To The Sky

I just love how fragile this track is. It really highlights the importance of dynamics within music, and the importance of having moments of stillness which emphasise the peaks within a song.

Doctor’s Cat – Feel The Drive

This represents the broader Italo disco movement from the 80’s that was a massive inspiration for my earlier trance tracks like Moonman – ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ and System F – ‘Out Of The Blue’.

Jeff Wayne – War Of The Worlds

The concept of this album inspired me to create my own album Blueprint in 2017. The futuristic aesthetic and narrative that ran through Blueprint owes a lot to this innovative album.

Jóhann Jóhannsson – Heptapod B (Arrival Motion Picture Soundtrack)

This track contributed to how ‘A Slice Of Heaven’ with Paul Oakenfold came about, and is part of one of many soundtracks that have inspired my music.

Awesome 3 – Don’t Go 

I’ve always been a big fan of the U.K. Breaks sound off the mid-90’s. This track serves as inspiration for my participation in the collaboration I did with Trance Wax called ‘Black Lion’.

Listen to all of Ferry Corsten’s picks below in one playlist!

Ferry Corsten recently teamed up with over 20 artists from all around the world on ‘Free’, be sure to watch the amazing video below!




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