Adventure Club Drops New Single ‘Safe With Me’ Feat. Soar & Luma

Electronic duo Adventure Club releases their new single ‘Safe With Me’ featuring Soar and Luma. This track is a sneak peek into their long-awaited upcoming album set to release via Ultra Music. Highly appraised as the forefathers of dubstep, Leighton James and Christian Srigley have built a strong empire within the electronic community. Together, the two have amassed over 34 million streams on SoundCloud and have reached #1 on the Dance and Electronic charts in North America for their first full-length album, Red //Blue.

This euphoric single shares a storyline around searching for intrinsic peace, with hopefulness to one day shares those emotions with a loved one. The track is full of uplifting future bass, increasing orchestral chord progressions and an emotional yet magical mixture of piano notes and Luma’s vocals.

Listen now via Ultra Records, as this piece portrays a beautiful mixture of reconceptualized soundscapes and newly discovered sound territories. Available on all streaming platforms, ‘Safe With Me’ is just the beginning of a series of extraordinary tracks, in preparation for Adventure Club’s full album release.





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