Artists for Apple Music & Shazam: What You Need To Know & How To Sign Up

As an Artist, Manager or Label, data is key to knowing your next move. In the past you had to wait weeks for reports from record stores, now we have it at our fingertips thanks to real-time updates from streaming API’s. Spotify has become the go-to statistic referenced by Artists on Social media and its app might be key to that. Now, Apple Music is finally joining the race with the release of its own standalone insights app, “Artists”.

The ‘Artist’ App will be updated daily and measured on a release week cycle, from Friday to the following Thursday. It brings with it some interesting key functions to appeal to Artists, from broader insights such as Most played songs and popular countries to granular track level information such as daily average plays and Shazams. As Apple puts it: Get a snapshot of your music’s performance on the go, including new data on listeners, music video plays, and your most shazamed tracks.

Artists generally tend to be on the go a lot and this has meant in general they have shown more attention and care to Spotify. Now with Apple & Shazam stats in their pocket, it will be interesting to see wether it might not just be Instagram stories of the Spotify Artist App anymore.

Total Artist Play Count:
Artists can now see how many plays they’ve had in the past week, 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, year-to-date and all time.

Reached an all-time high, hit it big in another country?, get added to a big playlist?. The insights section has you covered uncovering key data that you might find important but otherwise might not have known.

Following its purchase, Shazam is now for the first time officially part of the Apple suite with its inclusion in the Artists app, where you can see your Shazam data, including the top Shazamed cities and countries.

Average Listeners:
Artists can now have a bit more transparency around where their music is resonating. The data is available on both a track & country level.

Playlist Data:
Apple’s Playlist has been somewhat of a black hole, they might know they’ve been added to one but had no visibility into what it meant. Now the artist can see which key playlists they’ve been added to, the track position and how many plays. It also includes the option to view by country, as many of Apple’s playlists are country-based.

How do you get access?. Sign up on the app or at https://artists.apple.com

Download the app here

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