Audius Enables Artist Opt-in for A.I. Collaboration

Today, Audius, the largest decentralized music community and discovery platform for artists and their fans, announced a new feature that allows artists and labels to opt-in and interact with AI-generated tracks uploaded by other artists and fans. This innovation is an extension of the platform’s popular remix contests and fan-artist music collaborations, catering to the growing popularity of AI-generated music that sounds like other artists.

To get started with this feature, an artist or label on Audius simply needs to toggle on the “AI-Friendly” button located on their settings page. From there, fans or even other artists can upload AI-generated tracks, which are trained on the original Audius artist’s music, and share them on the platform. The new AI-generated track section on the original artist’s profile displays these tracks.

“As the curiosity around AI-generated music reaches peak levels, we’re hearing from more and more artists on our platform that they would like a way to interact with AI-generated tracks that were trained on their music,” said Roneil Rumburg, Co-founder and CEO of Audius. “This is a way to enable artists who want to interact with AI music to do so in a way that protects their rights.

“It’s very important to emphasize that we in no way support AI tracks that are trained on Audius artists’ music and uploaded without their permission. This addition to the platform, however, does make it possible for artists who want to participate in this exciting new artform to do so in a way where the metadata can be tracked and their rights can be protected.”




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