Susanne Hazendonk Discusses All Things Spinnin’ Marketing With Grahame Farmer

Susanne Hazendonk, Spinnin’ Records’ newly appointed VP of Marketing, features on this week’s episode of Grahame Farmer’s Twitch show. The in-depth discussion not only touches on strategies for making and breaking acts in the modern electronic music landscape, but also provides a unique insight for rising artists and professionals looking to work their way into the industry. From label owners and producers to rising industry professionals and simply fans, this week’s episode will pull back the cover on the inner-workings of today’s dance music scene and more specifically, inside Spinnin’ Records.

Susanne has climbed the ranks of the electronic music industry in the past decade like no other. She started her career at Warner Benelux, working with artists like Michael Bublé, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Bruno Mars, before ultimately transitioning to Spinnin’ Records’ Head of Product in 2015. At Spinnin’, Susanne has helped build branding and marketing campaigns for some of the world’s biggest dance acts, from Tiesto to David Guetta, but has also worked to uncover and secure the next generation of Spinnin’ talent. Recent years have seen her play a pivotal role in the careers of Kriss Kross Amsterdam, and most recently LUM!X.

Susanne joins the unrivalled knowledge of Twitch host and Data Transmission founder Grahame Farme on his Twitch stream and interview series Music Talk.




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