Bósa Takes Listeners On A Spiritual Journey Through Music With New Single “POW”

Brought to us by gifted producer and composer Stephan Jacobs, Bósa is an artist that bridges electronica with instrumentation sourced from a variety of cultures. This project has a one-of-a-kind style where Jacobs utilizes live recordings from personal experiences with top tier electronic production. As Bósa continues to pave the way for new artists and endless musical possibilities, he delivers his new enchanting single “POW”.

Consisting of organic drums, cowbells, and chord progressions, “POW” transports its listeners to a tropical getaway. The song’s calming and colorful aura is shaped by the wide collection of instruments, along with riveting vocal chants and echoing effects. Starting with a sturdy bass drum-fueled rhythm, one by one new sounds are introduced to build up an infectious energy within “POW”. Different sectors of the song, like a trumpet heavy segment for example, convey different emotions to the song’s audience.

“POW” is the perfect foreshadowing for Bósa’s bright future. Released on Public Secret, the single’s grooviness and natural vibe has universally soothing power. As you press the repeat button on this masterpiece, get excited for what Bósa has in store for his fanbase in the coming months.




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