Boulevarde Drops Emotionally Raw Single “Lover”

Electronic duo Boulevarde showcase the diversity of their songwriting and production abilities with their latest single “Lover.” Combining the sound of indie-pop and electro, producers Jordan and Edgar’s track’s emotion is captured by the raw, unforgiving vocal of Australian singer/songwriter FEELDS. With warm guitars and driven synth chords, Boulevarde create a track that feels electronic but is grounded in the real world.

“Lover” acts as a follow up release to the duo’s first two singles “I Needed You,” which features the vocal talents of Nick de la Hoyde, and “Plans” with Aeora. Both of their previous releases have a more traditional electronic feel: high energy, and heavily produced. With their latest track, “Lover” Boulevarde adds more organic elements, showing that they can give their fans the best of both worlds.

Stream “Lover” Here:




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