Cecile Believe Breaks Down Debut EP “Made In Heaven” Track by Track

Originally from Montreal and now living in LA, Cecile Believe is an eccentric talent that is just starting to capture the attention of music advocates around the world. Cecile first made her presence known co-writing SOPHIE’s Grammy-nominated album “Oil Of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides.” The results were astonishing as she received an ample amount of praise, readying her to embark on her solo musical venture.

Arriving now with the release of her debut EP “Made In Heaven,” listeners will be treated a striking reconstruction of the pop genre. Diving deep into its roots, Cecile innovatively reinvents the genre with her sonically cutting vocals and enticing toplines. With that being said, we decided there was no better way to tell the story than from the person who wrote it themselves. Hear how “Made In Heaven” was put together in the track-by-track breakdown below.

Made In Heaven 

“This was the last track I wrote on the record. I had already decided I wanted the EP to be called Made in Heaven so I thought I better write the eponymous song. It may be my favorite on the EP cuz it felt like it just tied up the whole sentiment I was passionate about conveying. It was an urgent feeling, I was writing and recording extra bits between mixing days! It was a mad dash to the end.”

Last Thing He Said to Me in Person 

“This was the first song I wrote for the record. It took a few hours to write and stayed pretty much untouched until almost a year later. Because I had heard the demo so many times, it was hard to know how to push the production forward but I was very fortunate to have collaborators who challenged me to add detail. I focussed a lot of energy on making the 808 sit exactly the way I wanted it to and when I played the rough version for Geoff Swan, the mixing engineer, he said – that low end is awesome. It was such a compliment to me cuz I’m obsessed with bass.”

Living My Life Over

“I spent the Christmas holidays alone in my house finishing off the record. Everyone was away so I set up in the living room and just blasted music all day. I had made this funny drum and bass demo and then forgotten about it but something made me remember the melody and I thought it might be a good colour for the EP. I couldn’t remember the temp project name and literally looked through every single Ableton project I had on my computer until I found it. I think it was called Huh or something stupid like that.”

Yellow Jacket

“I had been working with a performance artist called PRICE for much of 2019 making more spacious ambient pieces for theatre. I loved making sound-design pieces and I wanted to present that in my own work. I think instrumentals can convey a feeling of fear and darkness in a well-balanced way. Sometimes when lyrics are involved sentiments are laid bare and a certain mystery and openness can be lost.”


“This was the most challenging song to write and to engineer – it was a fight to get this one to the finish line. There must be 50 synths doing the same stuttered line and I think every phrase I sung has a different vocal chain lol! I got totally lost in stacking synths and sculpting the song on a macro level. I could have let it go but I’m really bad at dropping something that I have that ‘feeling’ about. I had been working and traveling so much of 2017-2019 and I was kind of messed up about it. I needed to write this song to get through it all.”

7PM (accretion disk edit)

“An accretion disk is a swirling cloudy-mass of debris orbiting a massive body (usually a star, but sometimes black holes). I had just seen the images of the black hole in the Messier 87 galaxy and learned that what we were ‘seeing’ was in fact the outlying material surrounding the hole itself. The song feels like it’s orbiting the former version, like a chunk of mass was knocked off the previous song and flung out into space – the name fit in my mind.”


“This is a grounding song. After so much stellar motion I wanted to bring it back to earth, the voice, the human frailty, and human expression. I the voice to be super close, to feel like it was under your skin, wriggling around in there, causing discomfort even.”

Pick Up the Phone

“I had a sample of a woman singing ‘pick up the phone’ over and over like a jingle recorded through a phone receiver – it was the catchiest thing and it swarmed around in my head for months before I made the song. This song came out of me in an afternoon, super fast. It’s pop but it’s really personal too and it acted as a catharsis as I was getting sober and seeing all the shit I had done in my past more clearly. Pop has always been an obsessive pursuit of mine and even though I wanted to move into a different world with MIH I also didn’t want to leave pop out of the equation altogether. Pick Up the Phone felt like the right contribution.”

Already Come

“It’s just a little goodbye, a reminder that you’ve got what you need, it’s out there and it’s in you and it’s all good.”






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