Tate McRae Shares “what would you do?” Ahead of Debut Album

In the last year, Tate McRae has grown immensely as a musician – being listed as the youngest musician on Forbes 30 Under 30 and being featured on several large platforms, including Billboard, MTV, and Youtube. McRae currently has 24.8 million monthly listeners and 2.76 million followers on Spotify (and counting).

On the verge of her new album release entitled, i used to think i could fly, this Friday, May 27th, Tate McRae has released the catchy single titled “what would you do?.” The 18-year-old singer previously released “Chaotic” among other singles ahead of her debut album.

This track’s chorus goes “What would you do if I leave and don’t come back? I hope it breaks you in two” echoing her previous themes of teenage angst, heartbreaks, and relationships which continue to resonate with her large, growing fanbase. Along with McRae herself; Charlie Puth, Blake Slatkin, and Alexander 23 all contributed to the writing and production of the track.

When asked about the upcoming album’s title in a recent interview, McRae explained: “I’ve always been obsessed with the concept of flying. It correlates back to the message of when you’re younger, how nothing seems impossible. And no kid seems to have a fear or insecurity of what real life is like. And I think it’s really shocking when you grow up and you realize…the harsh reality of growing up.”




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