Maggie Lindemann Shares Her Highly Anticipated Debut EP “PARANOIA”

One of pop-punk’s most subversive forces, Maggie Lindemann, releases her highly-anticipated eight-track EP ‘PARANOIA.’ The long-awaited EP is an extension of the singles that were delivered last year, finalizing what was expressed by Maggie to be a two-year project. The 22-year-old pop prodigy has engraved a footprint within the music scene, accumulating over one billion streams since she began her career in 2015. Aside from her music, the rising star has also launched her own clothing line, SWIXXZ and has started her own podcast, swixxzaudio.

The young woman is admired for her authenticity when it comes to uncovering the beauty in vulnerability. The artist is recognized for expressing her encounters with anxiety, obsessions and insecurities, making her music relatable to those fighting similar battles. The eight-track album unsurprisingly conveys her dark, mysterious and fascinating personality, through her original alt/pop sound.

2020 Alternative Press named ‘PARANOIA’ one of their 50 Most Anticipated Albums of 2021. In addition to that, Billboard named PARANOIA’s third single “Scissorhands” one of its Top 25 Rock Songs of 2020. It is well-argued that Maggie’s first official body of work has top-of-the-chart potential.





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