Charting New Territory in Electronic Music: Plus Bits Agency

Plus Bits, the new electronic music artist agency in Naarm/Melbourne, is proud to announce its launch in 2023 headed up by Lucky Groups’ David Zietsman. With a focus on techno, house, and trance music, Plus Bits is dedicated to promoting and developing the careers of unique and talented electronic music artists across Australia.

The team at Plus Bits is passionate about electronic music and is committed to providing its clients with the highest level of service. Backed by Lucky Group with a wealth of experience in the music industry, they are able to provide the utmost guidance and support to their clients.

“We are ecstatic and so excited to announce the launch of our new agency, providing a platform for some of Australia’s most underrated acts to receive national exposure and recognition.” said David Zietsman.

Plus Bits’ roster of artists includes some of the most talented and up-and-coming names in the industry, featuring DJs and producers known for their innovative and cutting-edge sound. Plus Bits is poised to become the go-to agency for electronic music artists looking to take their careers to the next level. With a strong emphasis on collaboration and community, Plus Bits aims to create a network of artists and industry professionals that will help shape the future of electronic music in Australia and beyond.

Experience the Evolution of Techno with Plus Bits Agency here:

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