Coco & Breezy Join Dawn Richard In Culturally-Important New Cut: “U”

Forward thinking producers; Coco and Breezy have united with Soulful artist and force to be reckoned with Dawn Richard, on a stand-out work that flaunts a carefree mood and will have listeners ready to unwind for the weekend. 

With an invested passion for making a positive difference, Coco and Breezy have been changing culture one project at a time. In addition to producing music, the twin sisters run their own eyewear brand, championed by the likes of celebs such Prince, Rihanna and Quavo and featured in Vogue Magazine. Now, in yet another inspired display of authenticity, Coco and Breezy’s latest creation “U” with songstress Dawn Richard, demonstrates the power of culture and sophistication. 

Lifelong friends since day 1, the dynamic trio set out to capture good energy through channeling their friendship into music designed to transport audiences from the current tense political atmosphere into one of positivity and laid-back vibes. Dawn’s vocals shine atop of Coco and Breezy’s tastefully executed instrumental in a fusion of R&B and House, culminating in a dancefloor ready sound.

An immersive listening experience driven by virtuosic songwriting with 3 undeniably talented artists at it’s core, “U” is not only a fun and laid-back piece, but a strong celebration of African-American art and entrepreneurship.

“There is great power in 3 Black women coming together to make a dance record.  There is such a lack of representation in the dance music industry, so we couldn’t be more proud to join forces with our family Dawn Richard on this one.  With everyone at home, we really wanted to create a song that could transport you from the living room to the BBQ.  A true feel-good, kick-back vibe.  Even though we might feel isolated, we are connected through music & sharing good energy.  We tried to capture this with our actual friends: the background voices you hear hyping each other up were recorded at one of our dinner parties.  We want people to feel the soul & human connection when they play this.  It’s about ‘U.’ “-  Coco & Breezy”

Make sure to check out Coco & Breezy and Dawn Richard‘s new collaboration below, and keep tuned to their Instagram for news!




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