Cyazon Makes Monstercat Debut With Essenger-Assisted ‘Neo Soul’

Monstercat remains among the finest curators of electronic music in the industry, so an artist debut is often much-anticipated, especially with such a special release as ‘Neo Soul’ from debutant Cyazon and label-mate and vocalist Essenger. Borrowing heavily from bass and metal influences, ‘Neo Soul’ finds Cyazon nestled comfortably in his niche genre of cyberpunk, demonstrating mastery of his style with eerie synthwave soundscapes, thundering percussion and grandiose supersaws.

Beginning with mesmerizing and intimate verses amidst dense, futuristic pads, ‘Neo Soul’ strikes a delicate balance between synthwave and dubstep, employing synthwave basses alongside melodic dubstep supersaws in the drop. The track’s energy is compounded by Essenger’s metal-styled roaring vocals, making for a gorgeous production on all metrics. Check it out below!




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