dEVOLVE Drops Invigorating Full Length EP ‘Run This Town’

dEVOLVE’s Run This Town EP epitomizes the spectrum of sounds the solo artist has manifested around his brand. Energetic dance shows it’s face, infectious pop music does as well, with both sides being a apart of the repeating sonic themes that come from the dynamic DJ/producer.

“Run This Town,” “DANGER,” and “In The Air Tonight,”  are the three that make a new entrance into the dEVOLVE discography. The first is a cover which provides some classically club friendly action. Lush soundscapes on top of a clean vibe work in harmony, together which showcase a theme of positivity. “DANGER,” hits harder with a hip-hop topline and a more aggressive fever that strikes with a vengeance. “In The Air Tonight,” captures the attention with a vocal-driven energy that’s high-octane – the deep drop circling around with exquisite mixing and mastering that enhances the end experience.

The EP finishes with, “Golden (Tommie Sunshine & Breikthru Remix,)” an already released bit that has nearly reached the 100K mark. “Golden,” was made by Harry Styles in 2020 then reworked by dEVOLVE himself, who then passed on the samples to two talented producers, thus breeding a hybrid spin that balances the vibes of all 3 artists into one track.

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