DIIIVA Releases New ‘Ego Death’ Remix With Support From JOYRIDE & SKRILLEX

Los Angeles-based dance producer, Tanya, also known as DIIIVA, releases an impressive new track, in an attempt to make a lasting first impression with her remix of Ty Dolla $ign’s ‘Ego Death.’ The original track featured the likes of Kanye West, FKA twigs and Skrillex. The aspiring artist has great stream potential, as electronic phenomenon JOYRIDE has agreed to mentor her through navigating the industry.

DIIIVAS’s remix is the perfect blend of hellcat transitions and evolving soundscapes, emphasizing the potential of becoming one of electronic’s most subversive forces. Between the artist’s passion for electronic music, rock and urban bass culture, as well as her persistence when it comes to producing, established artists are pinpointing her as someone thrilling to work with.

JOYRYDE shared: “It’s very easy for artists to become attracted to the wrong things in this world but to see when they are attracted towards discovery and fun always reminds me why I’m so grateful to be an artist. Tanya’s music and the way she behaves with it are just refreshing to me. it’s amazing to watch someone living in their most natural setting and do it so well.”

Assuming the rising star remains sharp, focused and ambitious, music industry professionals are predicting large amounts of success for this intrinsically motivated individual. Stream her new track, while we patiently await more upcoming music with vocalists and surprise artists for releases later this year.




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