Drake’s Soundcloud Record Smashed by BTS Frontman, Kpop star Jimin.

It probably wouldn’t have surprised you if last week we told you that the biggest debut on Soundcloud ever was Drake’s ‘Duppy Freestyle’. With the news and social media hype coverage surrounding the infamous diss track surround the Kanye West, Pusha T drama in the middle of last year it collected 4 million streams in its first 24 hours. This week however Kpop supergroup frontman Jimin has unsettled the Canadian’ rapper with a solo debut ‘Promise’ that hit over 8 milllion in the same time.

The song was made available as a free download December 30 only on Soundcloud, much to the annoyance of many of his fans who want to be able to add it to their playlists on streaming services. The chilled out Korean-English release signals an imminent plan for the frontman to branch out beyond just BTS, but it was released on the bands account so we expect it to be in addition.

The result is quite shocking when you also see In comparison Drake’s Duppy Freestyle in 7 months now has over 17 milllion plays meanwhile Jimin’s collected over 22 million in 10 days. We can no doubt expect to see the international star power of Kpop and the growth in major label artists and electronic producers from western pop lining up to try tap into the super following on Jimin and BTS in 2019. Steve Aoki currently is the only artist to have tapped into their star power through their collaboration ‘Waste it On Me’.

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