Ex Medias Returns With 2nd Compilation Album Titled ‘We Are Ex Medias Vol. II

Ex Medias is a USA-based collective with a mission in mind. The goal is to work together to help talented, underexposed artists get the recognition they deserve. Utilizing all the tools in their handbook and keeping a sense of community a priority aspect of the groups value system, this collective is going places and the latest compilation album is stark example as to why.

Featuring rising artists Galena Crew, Blank Ages, #BBC, AireLoosh, and TURBO, there’s so much to cherish sonically in a fast-passing amount of time.

Galena Crew and Finn, in “Marilyn,” use everything from electronic samples to real-world audio clips to create the dreamy sound here. The vocal is the centerpiece of the experience, with the beat helping bring in an epic, uplifting vibe. The drop comes through and showcases it’s future bass flair. The track acting as a great lead in as to the type of gems that this album holds. Be warned through, surprises are afoot.

Blank Ages comes in next with “Shanghai Dreams.” The tune is edgy, experimental, and sedating all in the same go. Many influences and effects take place coming from a wide and dynamic cultural background. This eclectic design helps the vibe shift from slow paced to full on drum and bass – a surprising feature indeed.

#BBC throws in with a much more chill and emotional ride that still packs in a punch in, “So Long.” ‘Balance’ seems to be a sensibility interconnected with the theme, a hard-hitting element facing off of with a dynamic vocal pouring out it’s soul.

Aireloosh brings in some heat with the all instrumental banger fit for the club via “Gaze.” The single drops some serious basslines, damn-near melting the face off those who listen. Eerie and trap-heavy at some moments, blisteringly heavy at others, Aireloosh showcases what he’s capable of without mercy.

TURBO closes out the journey with “Breathing Danger.” Lets just say if “Gaze,” wasn’t enough for you TURBO will make sure you are finished off. The artist dazzles with riddim influences and a keen sense of arrangement here, throwing down some serious offense and not looking back.

The Ex Medias squad simply balance each other out, each bringing something to the table, but all have the common ground of bass that connects them.

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