Feather Makes His Arrival with “Smoke” Featuring Lostboycrow

Feather is a blossoming producer based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Having learned the piano and guitar at a very young age, he developed a vast and diverse musical skillset. Shifting his focus to pursue a career in the realm of electronic music, Feather quickly found a home within a unique signature brand of dance music.

The upcoming electronic producer is making headlines for his highly-anticipated sophomore single ‘Smoke’, featuring vocals from famed L.A. based artist Lostboycrow. ‘Smoke (with Lostboycrow)’ opens with an atmospheric melody as the resonating vocals quickly flood the soundscape. The commanding vocals captivate the listener as the track swells with tension, steadily building into a whirlwind of emotive instrumentals. The four-minute offering engulfs the listener from start to finish with a high-octane production from Feather.

“‘Smoke with Lostboycrow’ is a song about the sensations and memories that often linger after a person leaves your life, much like the way smoke can hover or hang in the air – in no rush to leave. Having Lostboycrow lend his always impeccable vocals to the track is a full-circle moment for me as his music was very inspirational to my early years as I was beginning to produce.”
– Feather






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