Rave Republic and Sixth Sense Release Fiery Collaboration ‘Love On Fire’

Singaporean based DJ duo Rave Republic made up of Mathias and Stas are one of the regions top electronic performers, often seen gracing the stages of several considerable music festivals and clubs around the region. Recently they not only added to their achievements the highest place on the DJ Mag Top 100 chart but also a new single. The newest single called ‘Love On Fire’ is a collaboration with Sixth Sense and was released via Thomas Gold‘s imprint Fan Fare.

With smooth synths and silky vocals that wrap around you is like a warm hug and dynamic beats are pumping through your ears, ‘Love On Fire’ is an infectiously catchy track with expertly crafted production. Talking on how the track came about they told us “We got sent this amazing vocal and immediately got amazing inspiration. So, we wanted the instrumental to bring out the emotions of the vocal”.

The song’s cover features a smouldering fire, just like its performance and the energy it delivers. ‘Love on Fire’ will boost your mood without a doubt and it’s suitable soundtrack fo a drunken romance! For those of you who love EDM, your soul will shudder when you listen to it!

Listen now via Fan Fare Records on Spotify.





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