Felix Raphael & Armen Miran Deep House Gem “Soul Guardian” via Cafe De Anatolia

Landing on widely acclaimed label Cafe De Anatolia, Felix Raphael and Armen Miran have just joined forces for yet another exciting collaboration, this time combining their talents on “Soul Guardian.” Marking the third collaboration between the two talented musicians, the single is bound to help transcend their influence as massively celebrated tastemakers within the downtempo electronica and ethnic space.

Felix Raphael is based in Berlin, while Armen Miran was born in Iran and is currently living in Los Angeles. It’s this combination of cultures and inspirations that makes “Soul Guardian” so special. The main structure of “Soul Guardian” is made up of diverse classical instruments, that are nicely paired up with soft kicks, sparkly synth melodies and groovy percussion, perfect for shaking up the dancefloor and curating incredible vibes – backed by a soothing vocal performance. 




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