Fluxx.world’s Energetic Debut Single Will Have You Dancing

London pop duo fluxx.world are making a splash with their debut single “Like Me.” Consisting of Isaac and Sofia, fluxx.world lay down catchy pop melodies over a booming distorted trap beat and 808 baseline. “Like Me’s” fun, playful sound comes from a lot of places; the track has a clear rap, dancehall, pop, and electronic influence. This merging of these styles keeps “Like Me” interesting and gives it an incredible “replay-factor.”

Fluxx.world says they like to use their songs to explore “polarizing and contradicting forces” in their music. In their first track, this comes out in the emotional side of partying:

“Like Me is about the trials and tribulations of partying, conflicted minds, learning to enjoy our own company and not losing sight of what we want no matter who/what gets in the way. We want to create pop music that we can party and cry too, something that reflects every heightened emotion during a night out.” – flux.world

With a strong debut and many more tracks to come, fluxx.world has positioned themselves to soon be one of the leading voices in pop music.

Stream “Like Me” Here:




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