Tommie Sunshine and Breikthru Add Emotional Piano House To dEVOLVE’s ‘Golden’

A curious rising electronic pair known as Breikthru and house legend Tommie Sunshine have flipped an already on-point original, “Golden,” into something even more elating than what dEVOLVE initially cooked up. A pure piano house feel captures the focal point of this flip with an eclectic balance between the initial aura and the styles of the two remixers noted. A softer drum kit melds nicely with the work off the keys. Thumping, forward driven energy entrances as the fitting build up leads to the drop. “Golden (Tommie Sunshine & Breikthru Remix),” captures something unique sonically, not better nor worse than the first copy, but different in it’s own right. Both dEVOLVE’s original and the edit here carry plenty of good-standing traits that are prime for listeners to jam out to.

Breikthru and Tommie Sunshine having a history working together beyond just this one – throw dEVOLVE in the mix and dialing up the action is reality.

Breikthru are an Orlando based duo formed only in 2018 and have scored label releasea on Hexagon, Brooklyn Fire, and more through their variety of releases. Collaborations with popular names like vocalist Kayslin Victoria and other’s helped them become an 1 million+ streamed name. Scoring successful moments that continue to gravitate their direction, including playing events alongside big acts like Cash Cash, these two are clearing a pathway of their own.

Tommie Sunshine is a well-known artist within the global dance scene, in particular within house. Regular demand for his shows, music is the norm, while being the founder of above mentioned label Brooklyn Fire keeps him busy, Sunshine knows how to bring the love and take things to the next level.

Florida based dEVOLVE is the glue that connects many projects and forward-thinking ideas together, far beyond the moment captured through the particular remix. He too maintains a hectic, productive schedule. His weekly Insomniac show, The Launch, gives him a platform to showcase his wavelength in full while being beamed out to a large, diverse audience, (Sirius XM BPM being one of the syndicates.) A whopping 50 million plays to his name and support from his tracks attained including everyone from The Chainsmokers to Diplo and beyond, dEVOLVE continues to cement his presence on a routine basis.




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