Interview: Rick Rubin & Andre3000 Get Deep On Broken Record Podcast

Andre3000, real name André Lauren Benjamin is one of the most iconic figures in modern music, and as one of the founding members of supergroup Outkast, he’s dominated the airwaves for decades and performed on the big screen as an actor. While he’s rarely been found in interviews, today Broken Record Podcast dropped the latest episode featuring the iconic star.

The Broken Record Podcast hosted by Malcom Gladwell and Rick Rubin returned for season 3 this year, for music lovers it is a must-listen interview series which provides one of a kind perspectives, past guests have included Eminem, Rufus Wainwright, The Black Keys, Tyler The Creator, Nile Rogers, and Chic.

In the episode, he sheds light on his creative vision, the psychology of creating your own path, his inspirations and mental health. Within the interview, Andre3000 drops plenty of unique insights and knowledgeable advice on how Outkast created their path in an industry that wasn’t ready and how he perceives his art in today’s landscape. The interview also gives us for the first time reasons why he hasn’t released much music in the last 15 years, and discusses how he responds to criticism, as well as effective ways to finding focus and confidence.

When someone is critical of something you do, usally that’s more about them than you. Thats what they see because of who they are. It’s got nothing to do with you.

Rick Rubin

Pushkin Industries is the producer of the show and other guests this season have included the likes of Yola, Bon Iver, The Black Keys, Tyler The Creator, Rex OC, Brittany Howard, Jason Isbell, The XX, Wyclef Jean, Kenny Beats, and XL Recordings founder Richard Russell.

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