Kill Paris Throws VR DJ Party in Partnership With SoundStage Showcasing Unreleased Music

As we embark further into a new decade of the 2020’s, it becomes a natural wonder to ask, ‘What will the future of performances realistically be?’ The 2020 pandemic and the lockdowns that followed forced the hand of human creativity to push, which did result in a variety of virtual event formats taking place to fill the gap of IRL festival/club experiences that simply couldn’t happen. Now that the genie is out of the bottle when it comes to futuristic events that push the envelope. Established, well-toured artist Kill Paris gets his foot more deeply in this game with his digital event that was able to be experienced through a variety of means.

Via a VR headset, through phone, or through PC, Kill Paris threw his own digital party where he dropped new unreleased tunes and well-known jams alike.

The recap video below shows the multitude of fans that came through and unveiled an innovative design which allowed Kill Paris to be present has host with a large, wide-view screen being dedicated to him. Around the virtual room, cam-embedded avatars of the individual fan provide a human experience of this very virtual event. You can see the Kill Paris going through his motions live while concert-goers rocked out and expressed themselves in a variety of ways.

The experience is forward-thinking in down-right cool when considering the many nuances that made this event possible.

Check out the video below and welcome to the future of live performance.




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