Kina Pulls On The Heartstrings with “Tell Me About You”

21-year-old Italian producer Kina has released his new single “Tell Me About You” featuring lo-fi singer Mishaal. In a raw and emotive cut, the producer very flawlessly translates earnest feelings into song. Kina broadcasts his secrets through lo-fi pop transmissions teeming with the emotion and release of a midnight confession. His bare honesty registers on a global scale with an understated, yet seismic impact. Flowing with rich soundscapes, Kina knows just how to pull on your heartstrings.

“I heard this song on Mishaal’s Instagram and saw that all of his followers were tagging me to collab on it. The lyrics, mood, melody, everything, was what I try to express with my production and my music: being honest about your secrets and open about who you really are.” – Kina





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