Luca & the Lost Tribe Drops Debut Single ‘The Wake’

Seattle-based electronic group, Luca & the Lost Tribe release debut single, ‘The Wake’ available now on all major streaming platforms. The track is also available for purchase via iTunes and Amazon. The duo joined forces, creating a collaboration project between lead-singer Luca and founder/producer Nathaniel Savah. Rising musician Luca has turned heads within the industry, generating over a million streams on his solo project ‘Quite the View’ back in 2018. Lost Triibe’s debut EP ‘Escape’ has also generated millions of streams, including a feature from the Seattle-native rapper Sam Lachow.

Coupling Luca’s vocals with Savah’s aptitude to produce, the duo successfully composed the group’s first collaboration project. The Lost Tribe initially caught Lucas’s attention as he saw the producers stickers on display throughout campus while attending his university. He soon after was introduced to Savah through a mutual friend. The artists promptly progressed, selling out two local shows while being slated to headline a third. The industrious duo has now released their first single together, available for streaming on all major platforms.

The merging of this duo’s imaginative minds has gifted listeners with a warm, yet optimistic vibe, categorizing this single into the pop genre. Luca expressed in a recent post “Times have been really tough for a lot of people lately- we made this song to serve as a message of hope for the folks feeling caught up in all the negative energy in the world right now. Although we have a lot of really pressing issues that absolutely need to be taken care of, I truly do believe there is a light at the end of this tunnel.” It is comprehensible that these artists are working in the present time, in an attempt to bring light to the pandemic.

The up-and-coming stars are maintaining a footprint within the pop music scene, generating high expectations for future tunes to come. It is to be anticipated that this track is just one of the many heightening collaborations that this rising artist will bring to fruition. Listen now, as 2020 has finally given us music fans something we can enjoy.




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