LVNDR.SOUND And Eric ‘Benny’ Bloom Get Groovy With Release ‘Virtual One’

Following up their first ever release, called “Nebula,” LVNDR.SOUND are back in action and are showing a bit of a different feel with this one. They’ve tapped Lettuce band member named Eric ‘Benny’ Bloom to bring his trumpet flair in and spice things up on the sound. This is the 2nd work from their upcoming album which will come out later this year. The label they are dropping on is called Perception Records and both the label and group and based out of Denver.

House funk and electro all come to a head on this one. A feel that is full of flavor is brought forth through well-written basslines, trumpet work, rhythmic synths, and little sounds that make all the difference found in various corners of the measures. From top to bottom, the song radiates positivity and good times, fitting right into a smooth jam-band session or electronic set – it has that kind of dynamism.

Josh Fairman from Sunsquabi, Geoff Bremer, and Jay.Greens, who is the founder of the label they’ve been releasing on, are the faces behind the group. The goal of LVNDR.SOUND is to exude sounds of future bass, electro soul, house and nu-age funk, using this brand/alias as the channel to do just that. Theses boys have a great direction and the sky is the limit as to what may happen here in the near future.




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