Madeon Fans Solve Riddle To Unlock Secret 2017 ‘Celine 12122017’ EP

Back in 2017, Madeon struck writers block and was not happy with the music has was outputting. So for one day, he made music out of anger. “If albums testify eras, this is just a day. This is an entry in my diary,” he wrote.

Now, years later – the 6 track EP comes to fruition through a limited to 200 vinyl run. Madeon stated that owners of the vinyl are welcome to share the music with the world. These six tracks are quite different to what we’ve come to expect from the Frenchmen. You can feel the anger in them and ultimately Madeon’s state of mind whilst writing them.

Reddit user VUL-Kudo detailed the entire process behind solving the various riddles and Easter eggs.


Listen for yourself below, and download for free here.




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