MitiS Releases Stunning Melodic Dubstep ‘Shattered EP’ On Ophelia

One of melodic dubstep’s rising stars, MitiS has amassed a devoted fan-base from his distinctive, mellifluous production style, buzzing with warmth and harmony. After his Seven Lions collaboration, ‘Break The Silence ft. RBBTS’ on Ophelia a couple of months, it’s no surprise that he seems to have found a home for his melodic dubstep sound in a melodic bass-centric label. This time around, it’s a three track EP showcasing the sound with which he made a name for himself – the sound he dubs ‘New Age Classical’.

The EP starts off with Home, a vocal collaboration with Nick Turner. An electric guitar and a deep piano lend an organic feel to the otherwise electronically heavy tune. As usual, a catchy melodic riff stands out in the drop, but the real highlight of the tune in our opinion is Nick Turner’s vocal performance. Not only is the chorus topline simply indelible, but the soft, gentle vocal processing adds a hint of gentle affection that makes Home what it is.

The lone instrumental, Mirrors, soon follows: a progressive tune building up the climax from scratch – first the arpeggios, then the chords and then the percussion. A square synth commands the drop, the chord progression vaguely reminiscent (especially in the intro) of a previous Ophelia release, Jason Ross’s When The Night Falls.

Last comes the title track, featuring the now infamous voice of RUNN. Her soothing lilt is perfect to accentuate the emotional appeal, but we’ll let the man himself speak about this tune:

This EP I felt a lot of growth as a producer. I stepped out of what I’m used to and really dug into the songwriting side of things – not just production. The songs, especially ‘Shattered,’ mean a lot to me. RUNN really portrayed the message of the instrumental I had sent over to her. I’ve been playing it out for a few months around the world and every time it’s gotten such an emotional reaction, which is exactly what I was looking for


Check out this incredible body of work below!





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