MYRY releases ambient pop track ‘Stuck In a Loop’

London based singer-songwriter MYRY dropped ‘Stuck In a Loop’ last week, which beautifully encapsulates a range of soft melodies and delicate vocals. The chilled pop track has since been reworked by Molly Mouse and Jett Polo, who have supercharged the single into a dance anthem with tribal percussion and driving hats. The rebirth is something to marvel and adds deeper meaning the the tracks narrative, which MYRY explains: 

“It is a song about impossible love spirals. You know you need to end it, but you are addicted to each other. You know it’s wrong, but some part of you thinks it’s worth it anyways.” 

MYRY began her musical career with an abundance of success after accumulating millions of views from uploading covers on YouTube, and has since worked closely with producer James Kenosha (WILDES, Birdy and RHODES) for her upcoming EP. With a new take on her impressive single, ‘Stuck In a Loop’ has fresh life and greater versatility. With her growing popularity and natural talent, this is just the start for MYRY … watch this space.




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