Niaz Goes Big With Successful Single Titled ‘You Baby You’

A new artist on our radar, Niaz, recently released a song dubbed “You Baby You.” The song has received a positive vibe from hundreds of listeners with most stating that it gives them a sense of ease that can’t be matched. We had the opportunity to talk to Niaz to learn more about what inspired him to launch this awesome hit.

Niaz states that the process has always been quite weird when it comes to him and producing music. Whereas most people start the song creation process with the lyrics, Niaz works backward by starting with the music first. He states that the music is usually a derivation of random tunes that unexpectedly fly into his mind.

Niaz admits that having “You Baby You” out to the Public is undoubtedly a tremendous feeling. He states that as a creator and producer once you see that your music is out everywhere, you feel good in a way that cannot be expressed in words.

One question that is in most people’s minds is whether artists find closure in the context of releasing new music. Niaz admits that one does get a sense of fulfillment, accomplishment, and enjoyment, to say the least when you complete a new song and release it.

During the creation process, an artist goes through so many steps, does so many things. They make mistakes, correct them, and much more. After everything, when an artist finally finishes a song, it feels so damn good.

Niaz states that when he was in the creative process for “You Baby You,” he felt that based on how he composed the music, the song would also incorporate some verses of rap within. Niaz had recorded the music from the sequencer into the Digital Audio Workstation before all the lyrics had been written, which is crazy when you think about it. The rap lyrics were written and recorded at the very end.

Niaz likes to record everything dry and apply effects moderately after the fact. He states that over-processing leads to ear fatigue, so he definitely stays away from that. Also, the loudness war has created new levels of challenges. Niaz has always disliked making his songs as loud as possible because the industry standards require so. As such he tries to keep his songs right in between – not crazy loud and definitely not too quiet.




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