O Cinnedi Debuts First Release Of 2022 With ‘Lust,’ Apart Of ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ Saga

“Lust,” is then extension of a well-articulated project from Canada’s O Cinnedi. She’s been rolling out a multi-media project all encompassing one bright theme: intertwining the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ story with on-point bass music. “Pride” and “Greed,” were the first steps of the project and lets fans know exactly what they were in store for. Today, the series has well over 20,000 streams via those 2 mentioned tracks across SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube on their own. On top of this, she drops plenty of related content in between, her Instagram popping off with videos to entertain continuously.

On the music front, “Lust,” gets dark and gritty, projecting an aura of evil all framed through a structure of colossal bass music. Transformative synth vibes and trap-influence percussion brings forth a break to the tension in the bridge, while massive walls of bass come through during drops.

O Cinnedi doesn’t seem to let any leg of what could be a potential avenue to express more slip through the cracks. The journey feels very 360 and puts her at the center of it all.

Lust is one part of the ‘Seven Deadly Sins,’ series – expect more music to be dropping from O Cinnedi soon.





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