Oliver Tree & David Guetta Channel A Cybergoth Dance Vibe In Video For ‘Here We Go Again’

A veteran dance legend, David Guetta, and a viral sensation that found his place in the mainstream in the 2010’s, Oliver Tree, have combined their talents to create a catchy and unique sound that ultimately fuses both of their styles in a natural way. “Here We Go Again,” is the birthchild of their efforts. The single boasts a catchy sound, futuristic sounding vocals with a silky smooth nature, and a theme that’s easy to enjoy again and again.

Oliver Tree, known for his meme-ish sense of humor, acts as the centerpiece of the music video that has been made for this track, with the setting being one of post-industrialism. There is no spoken dialog in this video and instead all is communicated through dance. The reference point that the video draws from is founded in the late 2000’s trend known as cybergoth, which helped pioneer a specific type of dance style that is often paired with hard hitting electronic music (see reference here.)

The video has a certain phenomenon effect connected to it where it makes it hard to look away and also hard not to put on repeat. See for yourself below.




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