Pax Impera Gifts New Track ‘Loud’ via Subsidia Records

Pax Impera delivers once again, impressing fans with his new single ‘Loud’ via Excisions label Subsidia Records. The track released on the label’s Dusk Volume 3 compilation, gifting listeners with Pax’s distinctive blend of dubstep and freeform bass. The artist ambitiously began producing on Soundcloud roughly two years ago and has since been signed to Deadbeats, acquiring support from some of the most prominent names within the industry.

Pax has continued to engrave a footprint within the music scene, as the man reliably delivers strong singles. The young artist’s passion to grow within the industry has facilitated a handful of golden opportunities including his first-ever release with the Subsidia Records team. Pax’s new single ‘Loud’ is meant to represent the hard-hitting energy that fans would be experiencing during bass music festivals, prior to the pandemic.

Pax’s unique blend of heavy bass and dubstep has created a fanbase that is stoked about this release. This high-energy track has substantial chart potential, as his impression within the electronic scene remains noteworthy. Listen here while we patiently await more music, as this is only the first of two tracks scheduled to drop with this label.





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