Pendulum’s Collab With Hybrid Minds ‘Louder Than Words’ To Drop In EP June 17th

Today Pendulum announced their Elemental EP and with that, the news of their long awaited Hybrid Minds collaboration.

The EP will consist of four records, with their post comeback singles ‘Nothing For Free’, ‘Driver’ and ‘Come Alive’ included. Whilst it is slightly disappointing to receive just one new track on an EP, this does bring everything together into one body of work, their first since their 2011’s #1 smash hit album Immersion.

Since their comeback, Pendulum’s three singles have been amazing works of art, each providing a different twist and refresh to the Pendulum sound.

The EP will also be available on 12” vinyl in the form of a premium phenakistoscope picture disc, which utilises the artwork to create a unique animation when played at 45 rpm and filmed on a mobile phone. 

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