Over My Dead Body By Wondery

Tally, is the first season of “Over My Dead My Body” a true story podcast by Wondery (The makers of Dirty John and Doctor Death) premiered on Valentine’s Day.

The First season story begins with a typical marriage between Dan and Wendi, who were both lawyers. One at Harvard and the other at Cambridge but they met on J date while Wendi was living in Miami originally. Together they seemed perfect, if not over the top in love growing into a family with a number of kids.

However one day while on a business trip, out of the blue his wife calls to let him know she wants a divorce, instantly devastating Dan. He returned home to find their belongings, kids and Wendi gone. From there a long and nasty divorce battle went down. It was a very dark, bitter and long battle and caused the two to become entangled in vicious pursuit. That is until Dan is fatally shot in his driveway.

The story continues down the journey, of the investigation looking into their more recent partners, and Wendi’s family. While she was eventually charged with the crime and spent more than 3 years in jail awaiting the trial she was offered immunity if she informed on who police suspected but had no evidence to confirm. The story takes a lot of twists and turns. Not everything’s as it initially seems.

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