Caliphate By New York Times

In the war on terror, we’ve heard the big headlines of how many young western kids have smuggled themselves into Syria at the request of ISIS. Rukmini Callimachi’s investigative podcast “Caliphate”, which she produced in association with The New York Times came about on her quest to understand ISIS. This now Peabody award-winning a podcast will give you a one of a kind perspective on through a captivating and chilling recount of one young Canadians encounters with the ruthless organisation.

Gain insight into what drove him to join a radical cause and hear what happened along his journey and the realisations he had. Having spent long periods trying to uncover and interview former ISIS members she’s had her fair share of conversations but none more revealing than Abu Huzaifa who the Canadian former jihadi.

The former member of Islamic State she comes in contact with is a paranoid shell as he’s slowly become de-radicalised since his time in Syria– he sheds details of what he witnessed and was involved in such as how ISIS members practice their stabbing and beheading skills on gelatin-filled dolls. The resolution of the show isn’t quite what you’d expect but as Ruthi recounts “deradicalisation is not some sort of neat process. And it’s not necessarily a linear progression.”




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