Rich Delinquent Drops Dark And Immersive Experience in ‘Hallucinating’

Rich Delinquent’s latest single manifests an interesting concoction of elements all in one go, from both the audio and visual side. “Hallucinating,” doesn’t embrace any one genre, but blends together many different type of styles in one experience. On the vocal front, soulful indie-pop captures the imagination while a house-influenced instrumental holds down pace and tempo with strength. The various atmospherics and small effects are simply euphoric, coming in at just the right time and enhancing the depth and scope of the mood.

Far from his first release, Rich Delinquent clearly knows what he’s doing. From a 360-perspective, he’s on his game. Vocals, beat, mixing/mastering, getting the music in the right hands, and beyond, he pays attention and can be consistent. The results is a brand that’s rich and a vibe that is inviting – it’s all important elements harmonizing together that generates the attractive nature of the Rich Delinquent experience.

Sure to be releasing more in 2022, “Hallucinating,” is a solid feature and a great introduction to the artist if you’ve never heard of him before.




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