SANA Group Innovates Music Industry Via Agency Services

Rapidly rising through the ranks of the music industry, the SANA group is an agency which came to life during the early stages of the pandemic, via mastermind visionaries, Giacomo Mora and Carlo Basalto. “I had all this experience working with clubs, magazines, marketing agencies, and social media management”, explains Giacomo. “While, Carlo – in addition to being an excellent producer with releases on Armada and Future House Music – has really assisted with the development of productions and has excellent skills in the graphic design and video-editing field.” Now, amassing a widespread following across Facebook, Instagram, and their official website, we sat down with the SANA group to explore their vision in greater detail…

How would you describe your overall mission for SANA?
“Well, our vision is to be able to create a society open to artists from all over the world without discrimination of musical genre, creating the perfect symbiosis between producers and songwriters. All based on two simple and concrete words… Family and trust. We love to see ourselves as a family that is always open to discussion where everyone is free to express their potential and opinions. Our mission is to best support our customers day by day by providing our knowledge and above all our desire to achieve great goals together.”

What does it mean to be part of your family?
You just need to be a great person before being a great artist. Our group is based on the continuous sharing of ideas and projects and this allows us to create excellent collaborations between the artists on our roster.”

So tell us more about your roster and portfolio…
“Our current roster is mainly divided into two categories: producers and songwriters. In recent months we have been expanding and we have included artists from countries such as Canada, Israel, Portugal, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Thanks to our support, our acts have released on labels such as SPINNIN’, Armada, Axtone, Musical Freedom, Nervous, and many other great record labels.”

Explain your free track feedback service to us…
“Everybody can send us their productions and in a week we will respond with detailed feedback that will contain useful information on how to implement production techniques, and which labels could sign the tracks. The service is totally free and is accessed through the CONTACT US section of our site. But we also offer so many other services, like… LABEL CONNECTION: Which is the management of all the connections between the artist and the labels in terms of release, remix and planning. We also do TRACK FEEDBACK. So through our WhatsApp groups we discuss how to improve productions and collaborations with other artists and singers. We do GRAPHIC AND VIDEO SUPPORT, where our team creates, according to the needs, graphic and video contents such as covers, lyric and video assets, gifs, logos and much more. And then there’s RADIO SESSION, where we give our artists the opportunity to create mixes for the best Italian radio stations, and also PODCASTING, where we manage our artist’s podcasts from content creation, brand development, and uploading.”

That’s a lot of services! what else do you offer?
“Well we also have our premium podcast called NEXT LEVEL featuring artists such as Breathe Carolina, Blasterjaxx, and DJs from Mars. We can also help with SOCIAL MEDIA because we provide our support for the growth of our artists on the various social platforms. And also PROMO, as we send the releases of our artists to more than 800 contacts including DJs, Podcasters and Radio. We also select the best promos we receive from the best labels and collect them in a single folder for our artists.”

So what are your goals for the future?
Our main goal for the future is to radically expand internationally by becoming a reference point for artists and labels from all over the world! We urge people to check out our website now, via sanamusicgroup.com.”





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