Seven Lions Drops Genre-Defying 5-Track EP, ‘Find Another Way’

A single release from arguably the biggest star in melodic bass at the moment gains so much traction, that it’s quite unfathomable to imagine the excitement in the EDM circles when he drops an EP. If you haven’t been privy to this excitement just yet, his latest EP, the first in over a year-and-a-half, is a must listen. With 5 tracks exploring melodic bass and beyond (including a surprise house tune), ‘Find Another Way EP’ is full of the Seven Lions sound fans have come to know and love, along with a couple of special tricks up his sleeve.

Although the EP’s sound is perhaps best represented by its lead single, ‘Only Now’ with Tyler Graves, you’ll also find packaged within it a monstrous triple collab foraying into dubstep and psytrance with Au5 and Crystal Skies, two quintessential Seven Lions melodic dubstep tunes, and a nifty chill house tune (his second collaboration with Tyler Graves).

The EP begins with a holy trifecta – Seven Lions, Au5 and Crystal Skies – taking more than five minutes to introduce the EP with ‘Remember’, a journey through ambient soundscape, melodic dubstep supersaws, raw dubstep drops, and psytrance beats. Following the lead single comes ‘Senseless’, with the most soothing house beat your ears will ever treat themselves too. The EP closes off with perhaps its two best tracks, which is truly saying something considering the quality of the other three.

‘Another Way’, the vaguely titular track featuring April Bender on vocals, has been deemed by many as one of the best tunes Jeff’s ever produced. And they have a strong argument behind their claim: it’s a throwback to his Worlds era with dynamic and harmonic pre-choruses and simplistic melodies charmed into powerful climaxes. Once you’re reeling from this tune, you’ll find yourself immersed in the raw piano that introduces ‘What’s Done Is Done’, his third collaboration with vocalist HALIENE and perhaps his biggest ID before the release of this EP. HALIENE’s vocal delivery combined with Karra’s songwriting make this tune an instant classic.

Seven Lions’ ‘Find Another Way’ EP sees him both experiment and stick to his forte, amidst five tunes spanning a variety of genres (in true Jeff style). It’s an absolute must-listen.

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