Slow Magic Teases Fans With New Album By Releasing New Single ‘Carry On’

Iconically masked Slow Magic unveils lead single ‘Carry On’ with Paperwhite, available on all platforms now via Moving Castle. The newly released track is the first sneak peek at the highly anticipated album ‘it’s the end of the word, but it’s ok‘ set to deliver December 9th. With over 100 Million streams to his name, Slow Magic has engraved a prominent footprint within the indie and electronic space, this upcoming album being his fourth studio album following ‘Float’ released back in 2017. The artist’s most recent work entails his ‘Closer 2 U’ EP featuring the presence of artists such as Manila Killa, Women in Hiatus, Shallou and more. The artist has turned heads within the industry, receiving accolades from the likes of NAKID Magazine, This Song Is Sick, Dancing Astronaut and NPR.

The new single foreshadows feelings of uncertainty, resilience, communication and community, all indicating the theme of the upcoming album. Slow Magic stated “‘Carry On’ came from a session with Katie Marshall from Paperwhite and Jeremy Silver in 2019. Coincidentally enough, the concept I was working on at the time for ‘it’s the end of the world, but it’s ok.,’ was a post-apocalyptic narrative where the focus was on getting through it and striving toward what was ahead. I had no idea the lyrics we came up with that day would ring so true in 2020. The line ‘If the stars burn out tonight we’re gonna carry on’ really echoes what I see happening all around the world right now amid such crazy times: people are carrying on with their lives and it is beautiful to see.”  It is clear that the artist is creating music in real-time, bringing light to the pandemic.

This small preview for the approaching album has fans eagerly anticipating new music. In a world of catastrophe, Slow Magic furnishes fans with hope through his empowering beats and spirit-lifting sounds. Listen now, as this solace saga is here to remind us to look positively into the future and to find the courage to carry on.




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