Solven Releases Bouncy New Single ‘Out Of Your Mind’

Solven released his track Out Of Your Mind earlier this month and it has already surpassed over 100k+ Spotify streams and gaining editorial supports from Apple Music.

Mike Papadatos, aka Solven, continually reveals a layered exploration of the depths of music in his capacity as a producer from Greece. Specializing in deep music, his artistry takes on new forms and aspects as he strives for authenticity and originality by keeping each song fresh and insightful.

His single Out Of Your Mind has rap vocals that then leads into a powerful club drop proving that Solven had not only mastered the deep house genre but also the EDM club music that is sure to make any dancefloor tremble.

Solven uses a simple but perfect way of building his tracks that ends up adding to it’s overall quality, making the single catchy and effective for both the radio and dancefloor. An amazing single, this one showcases how Solven is certainly an artist to keep a close eye on in the coming years.




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